About Us

Pasadena OPC is a mission work under the oversight of the Presbytery of Southern California (OPC).

Matthew Cotta, a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church since 2003, is our church planter.

Our provisional session consists of Matthew Cotta, Dave Crum (Regional Home Missionary), Chris Hartshorn (church planter at Anaheim Hills OPC), Jason Lund (elder at Westminster OPC in Westminster, Ca.), and Kurt Oliver (elder at Westminster OPC in Westminster, Ca.).


To love, worship, and glorify our God and Savior with all of our hearts, minds, soul, and strength, and to love our neighbors as ourselves through Gospel proclamation and works of mercy.

In the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, we seek to love, trust, reflect, and follow the Lord as expressed in the wonderful clarity of the Reformed faith, in Christian fellowship with believers in Christ, and in communion with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC).


With God’s help and in God’s time, we aspire:

* To develop into a healthy, growing congregation!

* To help individuals and families grow in Christ.

* To nurture our covenant children in the faith and prepare them to stand boldly for Christ in the face of this world’s challenges.

* To train and prepare future leaders of the church.

* To evangelize, minister to and support area college students.

* To be instrumental in planting and encouraging congregations throughout the San Gabriel Valley (and beyond).

* To participate, with brothers and sisters both within and outside of our denomination, in the work of promoting true Gospel revival, reformation, and reconciliation, in ourselves, in the larger Body of Christ, and throughout the world.


In order to fulfill this vision, we strive to practice and encourage:


* which exalts God, is joyful and reverent.

* which is Christ-centered and Christ-saturated.

* which is Biblically grounded and guided throughout.

* which expects the Holy Spirit to be present with us and operative in us through the Word, the sacraments, and prayer.


* which is humble, regular, expectant, and personal—in private, in families, in informal gatherings, and in public worship.

EDIFICATION of believers

* Providing Biblical, clear, bold, and pointed preaching and teaching which proclaims Jesus Christ and calls for a genuine response in our daily lives.

* Providing faithful shepherding care which is Scripture-grounded, loving, and personal.

* Cultivating loving fellowship and service, both among ourselves and toward the world.


* By actively seeking to bear witness in our own community of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

* By actively seeking to plant healthy churches which will themselves seek to plant healthy churches.

* By faithfully supporting OPC home and foreign mission endeavors through prayer, giving, and service.